Texas Hot Dogs

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Texas Hot Dogs proudly serves delicious food to the greater Altoona community.



Adana M.
My favorite place for hot dogs with everything. Delicious texas mac and an order of hot cheese balls. The best in Altoona
Shelby B.
I have been regularly driving past this place for a long time and never stopped because it was always on the way to or from something and this location is...
Matthew U.
I've been to Altoona on numerous occasions and had no clue just how close this place is to the mall. You know what? That may have been a good thing for me...
Diane McChessney
I like the hotdogs.
Brian Raichle
A Hidden Treasure Spot. Been Selling Hot Dogs for over 100 years. Nice Rebuilt Building. Can Eat inside, outside or take to go. Traditional Ballpark Fair. (Better Fries Needed.) For the Entire Family.
Jeffrey Schirf
This place is a must visit when I go back to Altoona! The hot dogs were awesome as usual! Not to mention the baked beans with the chili sauce in them and the chili cheese sauce to dip the fries in! Yum all the way around! 😋
Anthony Camina
Good, fast and inexpensive. Takes me back to my Texas high school days in the school cafeteria. Back then the school food was very good.
Bryan L. Scott
It's a great place to eat and has been for years. I love this place and I will always love the food. Quick customer service and


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